We often ask, how can we leave the planet better than we found it? The constant need for resources has driven the planet to its knees. The good news? We are making progress here at Intaniaga! from internal energy policies to packaging, which is mostly recyclable. Small steps in our books! but constant progress none the less.


We ensure a workspace where health, safety and welfare is safeguarded after all it's our most valuable asset.


The ultimate contentment for us is giving back to those who need it the most. We unite towards a single cause, which is bringing people together and solving day to day issues. We do our part by fundraising and donating, where a hundred percent of proceeds go to those who need it. This is a company wide effort that involves every member.

Supplier Relationship

We pride ourselves on being at the leading edge of our field. This ensures our products are at the highest of standards and allows reduced pricing for the end user. We do so by ensuring our suppliers go through a stringent certification process and meet current regulations. At times, we are involved with research and development, which knits a close relationship between our suppliers and us, reducing supply chain constraints in the long run.